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Datamatic Guangzhou was granted the title of

廣州導新模具注塑有限公司:2018-07-25 Reading number:3121 Share to:

Datamatic actively implemented the innovation-driven strategy. In 2017, it established 10 independent R&D projects, completed 3 projects, won 1 invention patent and 2 utility model patents. One series of products was rated as provincial high-tech products. There are 6 series of provincial high-tech products in the period of validity, 4 invention patents in the valid period, 21 utility model patents, and 3 registered trademarks within the validity period.

Datamatic has been recognized by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology as “Guangdong High-precision Automotive Lamps and Dies Engineering and Technology Research Center” in 2017. Recently, it was recognized by the Guangzhou Municipal Industry and Information Technology Commission and other related departments and awarded “Guangzhou City-level Enterprise. Technical Center "title.

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